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Improving Medication Adherence

Compassionate Care for Every Patient

We are committed to providing best-in-class pharmacy services to our community. By combining personalized service with the latest technologies, medication needs are filled accurately, efficiently, and delivered on time. Our innovative Adhere360 packaging dramatically reduces the burden of prescription fulfillment and increases prescription accuracy and adherence.

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How It Works

Adhere360 Program

Fast, Personalized Service

A pharmacy associate reviews patient medications and contacts the prescribers, arranging for new prescriptions to be sent to our pharmacy.

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Convenient Packaging

Our pharmacy team groups medication in personalized pouches labeled with date, dose and time of day. Medications such as creams, inhalers, drops, and insulin will be packaged separately.

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Medication is conveniently and securely delivered for free directly to the patient’s home or care facility each month. Medication is filled on a 28 day cycle.

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Patients receive personalized refill reminders and medication monitoring, ensuring the highest quality outcomes throughout the treatment journey.

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We’re Your Partner for Improved Patient Adherence

Taking medications as prescribed can be difficult for patients with multiple medications, a range of chronic conditions and multiple prescribers.

Riverview can help with comprehensive pharmacy care that supports both patients and their prescribers. Our approach combines multiple adherence interventions for better clinical outcomes and patient health.

Resources & FAQs

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Here, you'll find essential resources to navigate through our services seamlessly. Download forms conveniently, browse through our FAQs for quick answers, access forms conveniently, and securely make payments with just a few clicks. Or, contact us to connect with an expert from our pharmacy support team.

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How do you handle medication changes?
Medication changes are handled on a case-by-case basis. Our pharmacists work with prescribers to determine the best solution for each situation. Often, we will ship a short supply in a vial to carry the patient through to the end of the cycle. The pharmacy care team will review administration instructions with the patient and/or one of the patient’s caregivers to help them understand the change. We do not provide a new AdherePac for a medication change, as insurance and/or state laws typically limit our ability to fill prescriptions twice in one month.
How do you handle medications that frequently change?
Medications highly likely to change in less than 28 days will not be packaged in the AdherePac. These will be provided in the patient’s monthly delivery and packaged either in blister packs or vials.
Why are you asking for new RXs when patient is starting service?
This supports medication synchronization. It enables us to more quickly synchronize refills. Medication synchronization is an important tool to support adherence. It also supports multi-dose adherence packaging, another important tool for patients.
How do you handle refills?
Riverview proactively monitors each patient’s prescriptions and works with prescribers to coordinate refills. We typically reach out at least two weeks in advance to allow for time to obtain, process and deliver to patients. We will also notify the patient if we learn a doctor’s visit is required to obtain the refill.
Can you provide RXs that are not packaged in Adhere360?
Yes. Riverview can supply inhalers, creams, topicals and other items not packaged in the AdherePac. We also dispense insulin and can provide diabetic supplies.
Can you provide controlled medications?
Yes. Riverview can dispense controlled substances and deliver them to patients.


What Patients Say

“The services have been amazing. Everything has been on time and very efficient. The communication has probably been some of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m just comfortable that they are filling only the medications the prescriber prescribes for my mother.”


“Seriously the nicest people and I always get that home town pharmacy feeling when I’m there. I’m old enough to remember when pharmacists would welcome you by name because they knew their customers. Parkview Health Services knows their customers.”


“Parkview Health Services has helped me get back on all my meds, like I’m supposed to. And their customer service is amazing.”


“This is the best pharmacy I could have ever asked for!!! They are always very quick and understanding. VERY patient with me. They are very fast at getting you the medication you need! Couldn’t ask for a better pharmacy!”


“I like the Adhere360 packaging because it’s so easy to use and the staff at Parkview Health Services are very professional and kind.”


“I recently moved my grandparents over to this pharmacy and it’s amazing how much their boxes help me keep track of their meds. It is so much easier for them to read than the pill packs, they can take their meds when they travel, and I can always see what is taken or isn’t. ”


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How Can We Serve You Best?

At Parkview Health Services, we believe that all patients deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Here, patients are not a number; they are an extension of our family. Contact us today to learn more about our services and experience the difference between Parkview Health Services and our family of pharmacies.

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