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Tis the Season

GRAPHIC: Vaccinate Your Patients

It’s that time of year again, and Parkview is once again offering a program to protect residents and staff against this year’s influenza.


The first and most important step in preventing flu is to get a flu shot! Vaccinations have been shown to reduce flu related illnesses and the risk of serious flu complications that can result in hospitalization or even death.

Vaccinating residents and staff is made easy by scheduling a flu vaccine event through Parkview.  Our pharmacists have been trained and certified to provide vaccinations throughout New York State, and have obtained standing orders allowing us to administer them.  We are now scheduling clinics to include both staff and residents of the customers we serve.

Our Pharmacists will come to your facility at a predetermined date and time to administer the flu shots. For those people who currently receive medications from Parkview, no information is needed because we have billing information, primary care physician and HIPAA forms on file. If an organization chooses to offer this service to their employees, we will have the necessary forms on site, and can accept the employee’s insurance information if available. Any charges or copays can be put on account for invoicing the following month. Everyone signing up for the vaccination will be asked a few questions, and be required to sign a consent form.

“Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS)” and “Notice of Flu Clinic” signs are available for you to post in preparation of your vaccination event. Please contact your Account Representative to schedule your clinic. Note that it is helpful to have an estimate of how many vaccinations will be needed to ensure pharmacists schedule enough time to accommodate everyone on your scheduled day.

Photo of health care worker getting vaccinated against the flu.



The CDC also recommends everyday preventive actions during the flu season spanning from October to February.  Make sure to put these tips into action to keep your facility flu free:

  • Routinely clean frequently touched objects and surfaces, including doorknobs, keyboards, hand rails, and phones, to help remove germs.
  • Make sure your facility has an adequate supply of tissues, soap, paper towels, alcohol-based hand rubs, face masks and disposable wipes readily available.
  • Cross train staff so they can cover for others in case they or a family member gets sick and has to stay home.
  • Post Everyday Preventative Actions Flyer around your facility.


Nonpharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs)




Blood Glucose Monitoring

An important part of managing your diabetes is testing your blood glucose (also called blood sugar). This testing is done with a blood glucose meter. A meter tells you your blood sugar levels at different times during the day. Using a meter can help keep you on track to meet your goals. It also can assist your health care provider to better manage your diabetes.

You can get a complete testing kit at your pharmacy without a prescription. Your kit will include a glucometer (blood glucose meter), lancets (special needles for you to use to get the blood samples), and a logbook (blood sugar diary). It will also include test strips to place blood on to find out your blood sugar level.

Coverage for Diabetes Supplies

Ask your insurance provider what blood glucose meters are available on your plan. Not all meters are covered. Medicare Part B may help pay for blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets, liquid test solutions (used to check the accuracy of meters), and other supplies. You may need to provide a copy of your prescription when applying for coverage.

Testing Your Meter for Accuracy

At times, blood glucose meters need to be tested for accuracy.

There are 3 ways:

1. Use a liquid “test solution” to test your meter. This liquid solution is used in place of blood. Place it on a test strip and run the meter. Compare the result with the range listed on the test strips used with the meter. If the result is outside the range, there is a problem with the meter or the test strips. The Food and Drug Administration recommends using a liquid test solution at different times or when you get unusual results. 

2. Use your meter’s electronic testing system. Whenever you turn on your meter it does an electronic test to make sure it is working correctly. If it finds a problem, an error code will appear. You can check the manual to see how to fix this, call the number in the manual for help, or ask your health care provider what to do. It is important to make sure everything is working.

3. Compare the reading from your meter with a meter at your health care provider’s office. To do this, take your meter to your appointment. Ask your provider to watch how you use your meter. Then test with the meter at the office. See if the readings match.

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Community Support

Parkview believes our success depends on honesty, integrity, and respect in our dealings with co-workersclients and the individuals they serve. Participating in community fundraising events allows us to give back, as well as learn more about the many programs in Upstate NY that are created to help those who are in need. 
Parkview’s staff has had a busy summer enjoying fundraisers that support many not for profit charities, including some of our own clients! Our staff joined in numerous art auctions, golf outings, wine tastings, bowling events, 5k runs, and much more!  

We know how important the many not-for-profit organizations in our community are.  We are proud to lend support and help them continue to provide services to those who are in need of them.


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Meet Our Team: Julie - Operations Manager

Julie Harrington

Julie was born and raised with her 3 brothers and 5 sisters in South Buffalo.  She graduated from Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies.

Parkview was a corner drug store while Julie was growing up, with many of her neighborhood friends working the cash register as part time clerks.  While at college full time Julie joined Parkview part time, and quickly moved from the “Front End” of the retail store to taking on more and more responsibilities, ultimately heading up the Accounts Payable Department.

Julie was the Accounts Payable Manager until 2000 when Parkview recognized the need for greater focus on the customer experience, and expanded the Customer Service Department. That department has blossomed from a single Customer Service representative to 17 staff members. 

Julie sits on the Parkview Health Services Quality Assurance committee, is the company’s HIPAA Privacy Officer, and is sought out by ownership as well as her peers for insight on major projects such as new technologies, policy changes, and insight on how changes can affect the current operation as well as our customers. She attends the Annual MHA Business Summit meetings held each year, where pharmacies learn of the latest technologies available, as well as healthcare trends, and educational offerings on compliance programs and other pharmacy related topics.

Earlier this year Julie was promoted to Operations Manager where she now oversees 4 departments.  Pharmacists, Customer Service, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacy Support teams all report to her. 

“Our organization has been so fortunate to have Julie on our team for over 20 years,” says General Manager, Paul O’Leary. “She has extensive knowledge of the entire operation, and works tirelessly to make sure we provide the best services possible to our clients. Julie sets out each day to make Parkview better, and her dedication to the company is second to none.”

Julie is quick to point out that many others have also been at Parkview for 20+ years and she considers them to be her friends and family, not just co-workers.  She has enjoyed being a part of the company kickball and soft ball teams in the past, and is a great addition to the various Parkview teams participating in charity golf tournaments throughout the summer.