Why QuickMAR?

Efficient…That is the one word Parkview Health Services would use to describe CareSuite by QuickMAR. Internal tasks and the MAR process have been streamlined and their customers’ med passes and reporting capabilities have improved.

“We have so many benefits, and yet, once implemented, there is very little interaction between our pharmacy and QuickMAR that needs to take place regarding day to day tasks,” explained Paul O’Leary, General Manager for Parkview Health Services.

Before Parkview started using CareSuite, their biggest problem was managing paper MARs. They had portrait MARs and landscape MARs. Some customers wanted more information and some wanted less. They had 1, 2 and 3 copy MARs. As they transitioned their customers to electronic MARs, the process was simplified.

“The best part of CareSuite is that it makes the med pass so much more efficient and results in better quality of care for the residents that are being charted,” explained O’Leary. “Less errors, more time to care for patients, and the gathering of data that helps improve outcomes.”

Along with a simplified way to manage the MARs, O’Leary has found numerous other benefits from CareSuite:

Saves Time – “A lot of time was spent collecting paper MARs, making changes, printing and delivering them to the customer. All of those inefficient but vital tasks have been eliminated in the facilities that have moved to QuickMAR. The QuickMAR refill order process has also saved our pharmacy a great deal of time.”

Quality of Care – “Being able to offer a quality electronic MAR service has helped demonstrate to our customers that we are committed to finding better ways to service their facilities and the patients they care for.”

Ease of UseReliability – “In the event of an internet breakdown, CareSuite allows a home to continue charting meds for up to 7 days, and the system syncs up automatically once the internet service is restored.”

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