Parkview Online Portal

By: Francesca Fuller

Over the past decade, technology has advanced, and become integral to changing how a pharmacy services its clients.  Parkview Health Services offers the latest technology in pharmacy, ensuring the highest level of quality for our customers.  The Parkview web portal was introduced in 2010, giving facilities easy access to information about medication management, including a wide variety of options that help them provide better care.  Some of the more popular functions include printing hard copies of prescriptions, patient-specific medication sheets, patient profile pages and blank Medication Administration Records.  The portal also allows a facility to track deliveries, check drug interactions and view patient allergies.

The portal provides real time information, offering immediate access to prescriptions sent after appointments with prescribers.  What once required faxes and phone calls can now be conveniently done with the click of a button.   This helps makes a staff member’s job easier while offering quality assurance for the residents in their care.  Many of our agencies are required to have copies of this information on site for state inspections.  With the web portal, compliance is easy. Simply log on and print any of the required documents.  Using technology to be more efficient is one of many aspects of services Parkview provides. We continue to add resources to ensure the best quality service for our customers. If you would like more information on the Parkview Health Services Web Portal, call us at 888-690-5250, and request a demo!

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