1) Locating Your Resident Faster:

By clicking on the Name, Room, or Cart, the information will be sorted in order from A to Z of the column that is clicked on.  Click it again and it will organize the lists from Z to A.







2) Can’t Find an Order in the Resident’s Order List?  An Order Went Missing or Disappeared?

Orders do not disappear, but may have expired or been discontinued. Check the “Show Discontinued Orders” box at the top of the screen in the Resident’s Orders profile.  This will list all discontinued orders at the end of the current orders in alphabetical order.  You will likely find your missing order here.







3) Save Time for Order Changes:

Some treatments/orders are just too long to retype for a minor change.  You can highlight, copy, paste and cut instructions just as in any word processing program.






4) Quickest Way to Discontinue an Order or Re-instate an Order Discontinued in Error:

Just click on the blue pencil once to discontinue the End date will default to current date and time, then just save.  By clicking on the blue pencil next to End date on a discontinued order, the order will be reinstated. 







5) Need a Medication Information Sheet? 

Just click on the info tab in the med pass.  You can print for your records as needed.







6) Completed an order with the wrong order type?
To change the order type, click on the orange button (see arrow) in  the diagram above.  Choose Change To, then the order type you want the order to become.  For example, a treament to a vital or medication or vice versa.







7) Save time, ensure you are using the correct Resident Status:
Planned: The Resident’s orders have been added but the individual has NOT yet been admitted.  The Resident will not show up in the med pass or the MAR.
In Facility: Resident has been admitted and is present.  The MAR will expect all orders in med pass to be charted on.
Out Of Facility: Resident is out with family, at program, in hospital, etc.  The Resident will NOT appear in the med pass and the MAR will automatically be marked as OOF (Out Of Facility).
Discharged or Deceased: The Resident is no longer residing at the facility and you must choose Discharged Residents or All Residents when trying to view their information in the MAR or in other Reports.







8) Has there been a change, not sure what happened?

 Learn what happened during the life of the order, every change made, who made the change and when the change was made with the Change Log button.  








9) How to chart on or change an administration after the fact:







10) Reordering via QuickMAR:
a. Remember to keep the order from Pharmacy with the prescription number so that you can reorder via QuickMAR
b. Leave supplies such as pen needles, catheters, test strips, etc. in the Order list in QuickMAR as PRNs so that you can reorder via QuickMAR.