Parkview Health Services uses a “triple check” system to ensure that each prescription we fill is verified by a pharmacist at the input stage as well the final checking stage prior to packaging orders for delivery. Parkview performs multiple inspections during each stage of the fill process to ensure patient safety and overall accuracy of each prescription.

According to a 10-year study of closed claims and several pharmacy industry experts, the significance of quality improvement systems and multiple levels of check-offs are critically important to help pharmacies catch errors before they reach patients. (

Technology significantly reduces potential for human error and enhances patient safety. Parkview employs the latest technologies including SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software and AdherePac packaging. We follow the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention’s Recommendations to Enhance Accuracy of Dispensing Medications. (

The journey of a new prescription at Parkview and our triple check system:

1st  Upon intake of a new prescription, the Verifying Pharmacist is responsible for:

  • Inputting/ verifying prescription information
  • Accuracy of patient
  • Accuracy of drug or supply
  • Accuracy of directions
  • Accuracy of prescriber
  • Accuracy of number of refills
  • Compliance of prescription with Medicare & Medicaid regulations
  • Drug Utilization Review
  • Billing of the prescription

2nd At this point a prescription label is generated and transferred to the Pharmacy Technicians for packaging. The barcode on the prescription label is scanned and cross-referenced with the manufacturer’s UPC label to verify product and dose.

3rd  Once packaged, the Checking Pharmacist is responsible for:

  • Making sure the drug packaged matches the label and directions of the label
  • Visually inspecting package to verify quantity
  • Viewing an image of the prescription to verify accuracy of patient, drug & directions

The Parkview family is committed to putting patient safety first!