On June 22, 2016 Parkview Health Services teamed up with the Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York to sponsor an all-day conference for families and caregivers of agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities. Parkview and Allergan’s Keith Stiles co-sponsored an all-day symposium with Fredrick Wetzel, PhD., a Quality Management Consultant in the developmental disabilities area. Dr. Wetzel led presentations ranging from the identification and management of dementia symptoms to consequences and complications arising from developmental disabilities. These presentations stirred enriching conversations from all attendees who appreciated Dr. Wetzel’s insights and expertise on disability and dementia care, diagnosis, and management. Parkview and Allergan were proud to sponsor the event. Both companies highlighted their key services at interactive booths visited by the families, agencies and caregivers in the developmentally disabled community. Parkview Health Services congratulate DDAWNY and Dr.Wetzel for a wonderful and informative conference. 


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